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Aloha Painting Friends! This is my version of Lesson 7 of Patrick's Mastery Course. Jacaranda trees. It's a very straight forward painting you will love to do!


The flowers on the jacaranda, which was done in a very impressionistic way by applying layers of color with small dabs of thick paint, was a lot of fun, and the result is a tree that almost jumps off the canvas!


I was really looking forward to this lesson. I live on Maui, and driving upcountry to see the roads lined with these trees is one of my favorite things to do. Having been mainly a "fast and loose" painter, to me a jacaranda was a purple tree. Taking the time to really look at these trees, which is really at the core of what Patrick teaches, was another eye opener for me. SO many colors in these beautiful trees! Who knew! 😉


Mahalo nui Patrick. These lessons and your mentoring have improved my painting more than I can adequately express, and I will be forever grateful. ❤️

Glen Rappold


Waimānalo Boat Ramp Pāpio Tournament

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