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The Maui Parrotbill is a member of a group of endemic birds called Hawaiian honeycreepers. They evolved from a common ancestral species that colonized the islands millions of years ago.


The parrotbill got its common name from its hooked upper bill that curves over its lower bill, like that of a parrot.


This beak shape is especially useful for tearing through tree bark and probing for insects and larvae. They once inhabited Molokai, but are now only found in an area on the eastern slopes of Haleakalā Volcano on Maui.

The Maui Parrotbill has been so rare in modern history, that no Hawaiian name was known for them, so in 2010 the Hawaiian Language Lexicon committee gave it its Hawaiian name Kiwikiu, referring to its curved bill, secretive ways, and a cool breeze that blows through its habitat. The Kiwikiu was thought to be extinct in the first half of the 1900s but was re-discovered in 1950.


Today, they are one of the most critically endangered birds in the world as their numbers have dwindled at an alarming rate.


This is due to habitat loss, predation from introduced animals, and bird diseases carried by foreign birds that are transmitted primarily by introduced mosquitos.



The mat is the decorative border on the outside of the actual printed picture. Matted prints are measured by outside mat dimensions available in 8"x10", 11"x14", and 16"x20" - fitting standard-sized frames.

*Note that the actual picture size will be smaller than the mat size and may vary in shape depending on the shape of the original painting.



Full-size prints extend to the full dimensions of 8”x10”, 11x14”, or 16”x20” (or equivalent square inches in the case of narrow artwork). There is no mat border, so the picture itself is larger than that of a matted print.



Giclée, pronounced zhee-klay, is a French word meaning “fine spray”. Giclée are the finest quality reproductions printed on canvas, then varnished with a durable protective coating. They can be stretched and framed like an original painting and need no glass covering. Mine are sent rolled and ready for framing.



You may inquire about gallery wrap giclée, which adds an extra 1-5/8" all around, with an image mirrored edge. Gallery wrap giclée cost 20% more than standard giclée and can be stretched at a frame shop near you, as a contemporary option to framing.



I will, however, deliver your order to a shipper or framer of your choice on O‘ahu and you can deal directly with them. Contact me for further information on international shipping and framing. Mahalo



Shipping for original art is to be paid by the buyer and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • Original   SOLD
    Print 8x10 $35
    Print 11x14 $50
    Print 16x20 $125
    Giclée 9x12 $100.00
    Giclée 13x17 $250


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